Pipe Originali Volkan

Pipe Originali Volkan

Alberto Francesco Paronelli Varese April 14, 1977 is the nephew of the founder of Paronelli Pipe, Jean Marie Alberto Paronelli and the son of Antonio Paronelli, right arm for a grandfather's life in Paronelli Pipe. Since he has lived in family business in the store and in the office. Together with the endless days in the Paronelli Museum with his grandfather telling anecdotes about the world of pipe and slow smoke.

In honor of his grandfather known as a Volcano ... of ideas and always on the move, he decides to found the Volkan Pipe. With family passion and dedication, he works every day to bring innovation and continuous research into the Pipa world to achieve quality pipes. Together with his brother, Ariberto Paronelli, holder of the Paronelli Pipe carries on the family passion as the third generation of Paronelli and they work for initiatives aimed at spreading the culture of slow smoking.

Every year they organize at the Paronelli Pipe Museum the international show “Smoking on the Lake” that recalls the best craftsmanship of pipe and fans from all over the world.

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