James Upshall

    James Upshall

    These fine smoking pipes are hand-made in Tilshead, a little village in Wiltshire, deep in the English countryside. Here the noble art of hand-turning traditional pipes continues.

    All our pipes are created from supreme Plateau Briar-Root by a small and dedicated team of highly skilled artisans who love their craft.

    The briar burls which grow wild in the Greek mountains are matured and naturally dried, a treatment reserved only for the cleanest and fullest Grained Plateau.

    Each briar is a piece of nature which has to be cut and worked accordingly to capture its true perfection.

    Our skilled turner will transform the cut block forever striving to obtain perfect straight grain bowls.

    After the name James Upshall has been engraved, the bowl is finally polished with swans down and packed in soft leather for protection.


    Although each pipe is individually turned and therefore unique, we try to adhere to the traditional English classics which will always be in great demand.