Papillon 2018

    Papillon 2018


    From the expert hands of the Bottega Castello comes a novelty for this Holy Christmas. An eye-catching Pipa that belongs to the "Papillon" collection, produced in 2018 in a limited edition of 100 specimens characterized by an artistic silver ring with a papillon fused.

    The Papillon has always been synonymous with elegance and style, a small symmetrical bow tie, essential for the sober elegance of man. Applied to this pipe, she gives her kindness and grace, and her owner expresses refinement in the philosopher smoker in the eyes of the world.

    La Pipa is suitable for a relaxing experience. Not only a smoking tool but also an instrument that gives a social and cultural well-being to those who are capable and want to enjoy a moment of elegant happiness.

    Castello loves to surprise its collectors and amateurs and this year has truly created a precious jewel with limited circulation. "Papillon" was created in all Castello finishes, of which about ten flamed.

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